2ndQuadrant is one of the leading contributors to PostgreSQL, with many of our team authoring some of the best selling PostgreSQL books available. These include "PostgreSQL 9 Administration Cookbook" and "PostgreSQL 9.0 High Performance"; written by 2ndQuadrant experts and leading PostgreSQL contributors like Simon Riggs, Gianni Ciolli, Hannu Krosing and Gabriele Bartolini.


PostgreSQL 9 Administration Cookbook - Second Edition

The Second Edition of the best selling PostgreSQL 9 Administration Cookbook is available to order here.

With over 150 'recipes' to help you run an efficient PostgreSQL database, this is the perfect reference book for anyone building or maintaining a PostgreSQL database.  The previous edition was the best selling PostgreSQL specific book and this complete re-write builds on previous good practice with the addition of latest features and functionality found in PostgreSQL 9.4.


PostgreSQL Server Programming - 2nd Edition

This practical guide leads you through numerous aspects of working with PostgreSQL. Step by step examples allow you to easily set up and extend PostgreSQL.

Available to purchase  here.


PostgreSQL 9 Cookbook - Chinese Edition

Chinese Edition: A practical guide, this cookbook will ensure you run a smooth PostgreSQL database.

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