2ndQuadrant is a great place to work, with a vibrant, dedicated and experienced team.

2ndQuadrant is the largest team of active PostgreSQL contributors, with a greater focus on technical excellence than many sales driven companies. Our open source business model works well for both customers and staff. We operate worldwide in local markets and our people span many time zones, character sets and cultures.

 We're expanding on our success, so the following roles are open now:


  • PostgreSQL Support/Remote DBA (any location)

Skilled DBAs able to work as part of a team to deliver high performance, highly available, highly secure systems


  • PostgreSQL Consultants (English speaking: UK, US, Canada; French speaking: France)

Skilled senior consultants able to go on-site for consulting, development and training


  • PostgreSQL Support/Development (any location)

Skilled PostgreSQL developers wanting to have fixed time on development as well as do customer facing activities


If you think you have the right skills and experience to take up any of the above roles, please get in touch.  Simply fill in the contact form below and if we think you're good match, we will be touch.  Remember to state which role you're expressing an interest in, a brief summary of your skills and experience and current location of residence.

If you have questions or want to know more about working with 2ndQuadrant, email us at:

2ndQuadrant wishes to hire people that are happy to live and work where they are now. If you're non-native English speaker, you're very welcome here. None of these positions offer relocation and all require good spoken and written English, plus high levels of international teamwork. Translating technical excellence into excellent customer service is key to our work. That means we expect your skill levels to be high but we're not prescriptive about skills or seniority other than to say that most 2ndQuadranters are on at least their third job and have a broad view of life and industry.

If you're interested in a longer term career with a team following an open source business model, please get in touch. We value credibility, honesty, responsibility, hard work, teamwork, courage, humility, time off, families, friendships and getting paid fairly for our successful contributions. All roles are full-time; part-time/restricted hours contract requests are very welcome.

Direct applicants only. No agencies, thanks. Please provide a detailed, verifiable resumé.

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