• Déc 11 2014

    Japan PostgreSQL Conference 2014

    Japan has been an early and vigorous adopter of PostgreSQL (back in 2006, when PostgreSQL was still...  

  • Déc 08 2014

    BDR for PostgreSQL: Present and future

    For a couple of years now a team at 2ndQuadrant led by Andres Freund have been working...  

  • Déc 04 2014

    PostgreSQL 9.4 for administrators (part two)

      Written by Francesco Canovai First published in Italian    In the previous instalment, we introduced the logical...  

  • Nov 28 2014

    Progress on online upgrade

    In last couple of months I’ve been working on online upgrade for very large databases as part...  

  • Nov 27 2014

    All-processes breakpoints / watchpoints for PostgreSQL

    Sometimes SELECT pg_backend_pid() and gdb‘s attach aren’t enough. You might have a variable in shared memory that’s...  

  • Nov 14 2014

    Italian PGDay, eight edition: over 120 attendees!

    November 7th 2014 was the eight Italian PostgreSQL Day, the national event dedicated to the promotion of...  

  • Nov 13 2014

    PostgreSQL 9.4 for administrators (part one)

    Written by Francesco Canovai     Version 9.4 of PostgreSQL, soon to be released, has many innovations for...  

  • Nov 04 2014

    … and now for something completely different!

    Up until now, reading this blog has kept you up-to-date with the latest developments in PostgreSQL. This...  

  • Oct 30 2014

    Where lies the truth?

    Ben Bradlee, the former editor of the Washington Post died recently. A famous speech of his from 1997 contains some words that mean something for me. It starts like this

    "Newspapers don't tell the truth under many different, and occasionally innocent, scenarios. Mostly when they don't know the truth. Or when they quote someone who does not know the truth.

    And more and more, when they quote someone who is spinning the truth, shaping it to some preconceived version of a story that is supposed to be somehow better than the truth, omitting details that could be embarrassing.

    And finally, when they quote someone who is flat out lying...."

    and summarises with

    "Where lies the truth? That's the question that pulled us into this business, as it propelled Diogenes through the streets of Athens looking for an honest man. The more aggressive our search for the truth, the more people are offended by the press. The more complicated are the issues and the more sophisticated are the ways to disguise the truth, the more aggressive our search for the truth must be, and the more offensive we are sure to become to some. So be it."

    before ending

    "I take great strength from that now, knowing that in my experience the truth does emerge. It takes forever sometimes, but it does emerge. And that any relaxation by the press will be extremely costly to democracy."

    Who would have thought that his words apply so well to PostgreSQL and the cost of data integrity? Yes, referential integrity does have an additional performance cost to make it work right, but how else can we be sure that we are passing valid data around? Surely the purpose of a database needs to be primarily a home for the truth, verified to be so by cross checks and constraints. (to be continued)  

  • Oct 21 2014

    Ware Yosemite? Possible PostgreSQL upgrade issues in OS X 10.10

    I’m seeing reports of a number of issues with PostgreSQL after upgrades of OS X machines to...  

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