• Oct 30 2014

    Where lies the truth?

    Ben Bradlee, the former editor of the Washington Post died recently. A famous speech of his from 1997 contains some words that mean something for me. It starts like this

    "Newspapers don't tell the truth under many different, and occasionally innocent, scenarios. Mostly when they don't know the truth. Or when they quote someone who does not know the truth.

    And more and more, when they quote someone who is spinning the truth, shaping it to some preconceived version of a story that is supposed to be somehow better than the truth, omitting details that could be embarrassing.

    And finally, when they quote someone who is flat out lying...."

    and summarises with

    "Where lies the truth? That's the question that pulled us into this business, as it propelled Diogenes through the streets of Athens looking for an honest man. The more aggressive our search for the truth, the more people are offended by the press. The more complicated are the issues and the more sophisticated are the ways to disguise the truth, the more aggressive our search for the truth must be, and the more offensive we are sure to become to some. So be it."

    before ending

    "I take great strength from that now, knowing that in my experience the truth does emerge. It takes forever sometimes, but it does emerge. And that any relaxation by the press will be extremely costly to democracy."

    Who would have thought that his words apply so well to PostgreSQL and the cost of data integrity? Yes, referential integrity does have an additional performance cost to make it work right, but how else can we be sure that we are passing valid data around? Surely the purpose of a database needs to be primarily a home for the truth, verified to be so by cross checks and constraints. (to be continued)  

  • Oct 21 2014

    Ware Yosemite? Possible PostgreSQL upgrade issues in OS X 10.10

    I’m seeing reports of a number of issues with PostgreSQL after upgrades of OS X machines to...  

  • Oct 10 2014

    Index Overhead on a Growing Table

    This another simple test in continuation from last time. We will start with the same lineitem table as...  

  • Oct 03 2014

    Loading Tables and Creating B-tree and Block Range Indexes

    I have been looking at the new Block Range Indexes (BRIN) being developed for PostgreSQL 9.5. BRIN indexes...  

  • Oct 02 2014

    Meetup PostgreSQL à Paris

    Mercredi 8 octobre se tiendra le prochain Meetup PostgreSQL à Paris dans les locaux de Mozilla Europe, dont la capacité est de 90 personnes ! Venez nombreux !

    Le programme de cette édition est un peu particulier puisque nous avons reçu quatre propositions enthousiastes de présentations. Chacun aura donc 15 à 20 minutes (questions incluses) pour présenter son sujet. Voici le programme :

    • Aggrégation temporelle sous contrainte d'iops, par Jean-Gérard Pailloncy
    • Le partitionnement de tables démystifié, par Flavio Henrique Araque Gurgel
    • PoWA, par Thomas Reiss et Julien Rouhaud
    • PostgreSQL pour les développeurs, par Dimitri Fontaine

    Nous aurons aussi le plaisir de partager un buffet sponsorisé cette fois par Novapost, un grand merci à eux.

    À mercredi !

  • Sep 24 2014

    Compiling and debugging PostgreSQL’s PgJDBC under Eclipse

    I’ve always worked on PgJDBC, the JDBC Type 4 driver for PostgreSQL, with just a terminal, ant...  

  • Sep 12 2014

    pg_sysdatetime: a simple cross-platform PostgreSQL extension

    A while ago I wrote about compiling PostgreSQL extensions under Visual Studio – without having to recompile...  

  • Sep 12 2014

    pg_sysdatetime: a simple cross-platform PostgreSQL extension

    A while ago I wrote about compiling PostgreSQL extensions under Visual Studio – without having to recompile...  

  • Sep 10 2014

    PHP Tour, La Video

    En juin dernier se tenait le PHP Tour 2014 à Lyon, où j'ai eu le plaisir de présenter une conférence sur PostgreSQL en 2014.

    Cette intervention était filmée, et la vidéo est maintenant disponible :

    En espérant que vous regarderez cette vidéo avec autant d'intérêt que j'ai eu à participer à PHP Tour 2014 !


  • Sep 05 2014

    Announcing BDR RPMs for 9.4

    RPMs for BDR (Bi-Directional Replication for PostgreSQL) are now available for testing. They contain BDR release 0.7.1,...  

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