Advanced Development & Performance

This class covers the whole range of performance topics, from systems administration, development and operational improvements.

Please note: This course was previously advertised as 1 day but based on student feedback we have extended it to 3 days to provide an extended range of topics.

Subject Areas Topics Course acquired skills

Database administration

Database development

Server Architecture & Caching

Tuning Parameters


Locking & Concurrency

Database design alternatives

Advanced Development Summary

Reading EXPLAINs

Workload Analysis, Benchmarking and Profiling

Join Planning


SQL Performance Tips & Tricks

What's New in 9.3 Performance

Advanced PostgreSQL development

Advanced application design

Advanced tuning and performance

Advanced database architecture with PostgreSQL

Minimum prerequisites: Course length

Basics of programming

Basics of systems administration

Basics of PostgreSQL database administration

PostgreSQL basics

SQL basics

We recommend you attend ‘PostgreSQL 9 Database Administration’ course before attending this course.

3 days

Course Price:  USD$ 2325 | GBP£ 1500 | EUR€ 1800

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