PostgreSQL 9.0 High Performance

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A clear, step-by-step guide to optimizing and scaling up PostgreSQL database servers.

Written by Gregory Smith


  • Learn the right techniques to obtain optimal PostgreSQL database performance, from initial design to routine maintenance
  • Discover the techniques used to scale successful database installations
  • Avoid the common pitfalls that can slow your system down
  • Filled with advice about what you should be doing; how to build experimental databases to explore performance topics, and then move what you've learned into a production database environment
  • Covers versions 8.1 through 9.0

What you will learn from this book

  • Learn best practices culled from years of work scaling PostgreSQL installations to handle demanding applications
  • Uncover what makes hardware good or bad for high-performance database applications
  • Investigate making informed speed and reliability trade-offs
  • Tweak your operating system for best database performance
  • Benchmark your whole system from hardware to application
  • Learn how the server parameters that impact performance work using real examples
  • Understand how the query optimizer makes its decisions, and what to do when it makes the wrong ones
  • Monitor what happens on your server, both in and outside of the database
  • Find the best add-on tools that extend the core PostgreSQL database
  • Discover how to architect replicated systems using the latest features added to PostgreSQL 9.0


Improving database performance requires an equal mix of understanding theoretical concepts and working through hands-on examples. You'll find both here. Many of the examples given will be immediately useful for monitoring and improving your PostgreSQL deployments, providing insight into hard-to-obtain information about your database.

Who this book is written for

This book is aimed at intermediate to advanced database administrators using or planning to use PostgreSQL. Portions will also interest systems administrators looking to build or monitor a PostgreSQL installation, as well as developers interested in advanced database internals that impact application design.

Buy from Packt publishing

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